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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is Anti-Virus Enough to Protect your IT Infrastructure?

Security is a broad term and may pertain to securing your hard-earned money from burglars and thieves monitoring your day-to-day activities; to find a suitable time for intrusion. To avert threats you either use bank lockers or locks for absolute metal satisfaction that your money is safe and protected. Similar concept applies with technology gadgets and devices that may face unwanted incursion of Malwares and Viruses from anonymous sources.

"But how many of you think that installation of Anti-Virus in your laptops or computer systems is the end of task? Do you think it can relieve you from stress of losing important data?"

Most of us believe that Anti-viruses are all about thwarting Virus-Related Damages, maintaining full-proof security of the computer systems, safeguarding emails against all kinds of threats and unwanted spam besides protecting important data including saved files and documents from malicious virus infections, spyware and identity thefts.

But the story doesn't end here!

In contrast to what people and technology users believe, Anti-virus is not the last solution to unwanted intrusions and system damage. With many technology experts researching on developing and exploring breakthrough solutions, there have been discovered a unique, eccentric software product that can help batter all possibilities of system damage due to Viruses and Threats or Impostors.


Prologix, a leading system integrator and software products distributor in UAE recommends the use of Dell SonicWall that lets you impede threats just at the gateway. This Sonic Wall firewall has an ability to scan all kinds of outbound and inbound traffic for hindering intrusions, spyware, superfluous viruses apart from malicious traffic. It is distinctive in its functionality of scanning all flows, over all protocols and interfaces except file size limitations- for low latency and super network performance.

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