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Monday, December 31, 2012

Ubiquiti Nano Station2 for Wifi Network Indoors and Outdoors

Set up Wi-Fi Network Indoors/ Outdoors

The Nano Station 2 is fabricated in a compact indoor/outdoor design with an interface so intuitive ; even the most technically challenged can instantly become experts.

Nano station2  packs some phenomenal performance with a revolutionary design combining a hi-gain 4 antenna system,  advanced radio architecture,  and highly researched and developed firmware technology allowing throughput, stability, and capacity performance rivaling even the highest-end WiMax networks.

Special Features:

·         Ultimate 2.4GHz Outdoor CPE
·         Global WISP Community Adaptive Antenna Polarity
·         High Performance 400mW 802.11b/g radio architecture
·         Over 15km Outdoor Range
·         AAP Adaptive Antenna Polarity technology with external antenna option
·         Ubiquiti AirOS software
·         External status LEDs
·         External reset button
·         Pole, Wall or Window Mounting Kit

Call Now to Order: 0552243611

Sunday, December 30, 2012

IOGEAR High Capacity Portable Battery Compatible with Blackberry, Ipad, ipod, iPhone, Digital Cameras

Its Portable, Its Mobile and Its Compatible with Smart Devices

The IOGear High Capacity Portable Battery can be your perfect pal when travelling is something you cannot avoid.  Incredibly compatible with Mobiles, tablets and smart phones, this battery don’t let you fret when your devices run out of power. With this mobile power station, you don’t have to restrict yourself from using power draining apps. You can recharge your devices anytime, anywhere with a simple plug-in.


Slim, Lightweight and Portable Design - Convenient for travelling
Blue LED indicator – Track Battery Meter Quickly
Dual Power Technology- Charge 2 devices at a time
Compatible with –  iPhone, iPads, iPods. Blackberry, Digital Cameras, MP3 Players

What’s inside the Box:

  • IOGEAR Battery
  • Protective carry pouch
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Power Adapter 

Call Now to Order: 0552243611

Prologix Embeds Aruba Solution for Sharjah Media Corporation

Chairman of Sharjah Media Corporation: His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qassimi

After competing strongly with two major IT System Integration companies in UAE, Prologix successfully bagged the Sharjah Media Corporation project lately. It was tough to triumph over the two industry giants; nevertheless, we did it wonderfully leveraging our excellent vendor and technical support.

Recommended Solution: Aruba
The whole solution is a Controller based Aruba Solution wherein Prologix will provide Aruba’s three different point-to-point links to SMC (Sharjah Media Corporation).

What problem was diagnosed? And why Aruba Solution was suggested ?

Media demands mobility. And recognizing the need of SMC’s, Prologix suggested an Aruba Solution based on their requirement to switch to a wireless network in lieu of wired connectivity. 

To maintain absolute network security, SMC shared their choice of different access points for both guests and admin. Prologix advised the installation of Aruba Solution; capable of providing two SSID’s from the same Access Point (AP).

SMC desired an AP that looks like a smoke detector and only Aruba is the perfect packaged solution.

What did Prologix analyze before suggesting Aruba?

SMC has a typical Studio Environment where the walls of the News Rooms and Studios are really thick and sound proof. This means, the Access Point has to be strong enough in terms of coverage and connectivity - transmitting information seamlessly without interruptions. Aruba Solution was recommended to bypass all possibilities of information loss and interruptions as the client cannot afford to lose bandwidth due to heavy network traffic.

How Aruba Solution will benefit Sharjah Media Corporation?

It is the employee mobility that made Prologix suggest Aruba solution for the Sharjah Media Corporation. The wireless connectivity all over the SMC became imperative so that News Readers, Anchors and Radio Jockey's could freely move within the organization while the program is being aired live. In addition, the staff all over SMC could conveniently carry their iPads and Tablets for demonstrations and other activities- without restricting themselves to their desks and computer systems.

Products Used:
The Aruba AP 92, Aruba 3400 Controller, Aruba MST2HP Point to Point Links, HP POE+ Switches are few products that will be used during integration of Aruba Solution in SMC.

Project Deadline:
The project is forecast to complete before 20th January , 2013 including the delivery of the material which will take nearly 3-4 weeks.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yearlong Achievements Shaped our Business Plans for 2013

We all our enthusiastic about the last day of the year and waiting for the time when clock strikes twelve.  Like always, we trust the sun shines brighter with extraordinary colors of Success, Prosperity and Happiness for us, our partners and end-customers.

We anticipate rocking the IT floor once again with legions of new products, solutions and consultancy on mechanics to improve and integrate the latest technologies in the coming year. Before we share our plans and strategies for the new fiscal year, we would like to have a roundup session on our yearly activities and event participation that steered our growth better than previous years.

Software & Solutions that Worked for Us

Prologix enriched its database of new customers while applying a staunch customer-service approach towards existing clients. We overwhelmingly pushed out our brand new range of technology products and software – designed after rigorous testing and functional analysis. The team had been working on all the unique software and solutions throughout the four quarters of year 2011 which we successfully marketed this year. Time attendance, Human resource management, Data management, Data Storage solutions, Data Centers, Virtualization, Wireless And Telecom Support is few domains that escalated our ROI’s superbly.

Event and Exhibition Participation

We touched base with many leading enterprises and corporate organizations in the Middle East and North Africa; supporting them with Digital Signage Solution. Looking at the scope and incredible advertising capabilities it offers, we’ll push it more in the region and outside. Intersec Exhibition (15 - 17 JANUARY 2012), Cabsat (28 February- 1 March, 2012), Mecom (14-16 May, 2012) , CommunicAsia Singapore (19– 22 June 2012) and Gitex Technology Week (14-18 October 2012) were the exhibitions wherein we dynamically showcased all novel products and solutions we offer.  We hope to reconvene with clients manifold and tie up with several other companies for fruitful channel partnerships.

What We Foresee in 2013?

After massive brainstorming sessions with our experts and technical support division including developers underwent, we are set to roll-out fantastic devices, software and IT solutions that will help simplify the way organizations operate and manage their organizational activities effortlessly.

Recognizing the year-long effort of our distribution division, sales managers and marketing managers, we have devised novel strategies to push out upcoming products in the coming year; staying focused on promoting existing solutions and devices that did extremely well 2012. Iogear, TimeTrax, NxtID, Olive HRMS, Avaya Mid Market Solution, HP Storage solution are the most popular ones in the lot. In addition, the 24*7 service support promise and effective troubleshooting solutions we deliver gave us accolades and appreciation from our esteemed clients. 

In 2013, we look forward to participating in many new events and exhibitions, securing  partnerships, strengthen our position and emerge among the top 5 System Integration Companies in the Middle East and UAE. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Prologix Introduced IOGEAR Wireless Computer to HDTV kit

The demand for pioneering products has witnessed a dramatic upsurge in the past few years. This made innovators work graveyard to invent new products to keep pace with the changing demands and satisfy technology hogs looking for something new every time.

Earlier in this domain, Prologix has shared a multitude of groundbreaking products designed to simplify end-users lifestyle and day-to-day activities. One such unique product that Prologix introduced from IOGEAR is the Wireless computer to HDTV kit. The product doesn't have a name, surprisingly and it speaks for itself. It seamlessly delivers High Definition content from laptops or computers wirelessly to Televisions up to 30 feet height. There is no need for cluttered wires.

How to use it?
This kit constitutes of two main parts- receiver and transmitter. After the installation of the software, that comes in a CD, it entails you to fit the USB transmitter to your computer. Contrarily, the receiver goes into VGA port or TV’s HDMI. The kit then operates to replicate and transfer all the data on your laptop or computer to your flat screen.  You can now surf, listen music, watch movies, and see photographs wirelessly on a bigger screen as and when you want it.

Say No to Wires
This IOGear Kit is a complete solution if you wish to get rid of lots of niggly wires. It works perfectly by wirelessly pushing all content from laptop to TV screens. The HDMI connectivity allows quick plugging of the receiver into monitors and projectors.

Wireless Computer to HDTV kit utilizes advanced ultra-wideband (UWB) Wireless USB technology ensuring high multimedia streaming stability and resists any kind of interferences.

For more information on the product, get back to us on 043407840 or call mobile: 0559022305.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Celebrations in Prologix, Dubai

This time, we had a new staff joined in and new ideas for sure..Women in Prologix, like always came out with a bizarre idea and thought of all this that follows below::

All women carried themselves in the crimson color attire and a massive list of pizzas, salads, breads, cheese-pops, soft-drinks, doughnuts and more surprised men and incited envy from a group of male members..(LOL) who were not informed about this secret party by girls. The party began with preparing chits with the names of all female staff and each taking out individual chits- not disclosing their secret Christmas friend’s name.

Each of them was supposed to buy a gift for their Christmas friend and give it to their friend without them knowing about the sender. Before unveiling their secret friend, they enjoyed a scrumptious Italian lunch followed by Prayers and curious disclosure of their secret Christmas pal. The party ended with loads of photographs and videos, many of which will be shared soon.

Awaiting New Year Party and celebrations!

Wishing all our employees and friends and business associates Merry Christmas.

Prologix Supplies Mobile LED Display Solution to Al Ain Equestrain and Shooting Club

Prologix has provided Al Ain Equestrian and Shooting Club the Mobile LED Solutions, allowing them to dynamically tout their current events, conferences, concerts, paid-events, competitions and other promotional activitiesThe product launched under the company banner  focuses on the idea of creating a mobile advertising platform, and project business portfolio on wheels.

The Mobile LED Solution is a new concept used for advertising marketing campaigns. Besides the club, the advanced Mobile LED Display Trucks have been looked upon by both corporate and private enterprises to benefit from this growing trend. Featuring mobile convenience and wide reach, it is used to broadcast information to the audience around. They are custom-built with hydraulic lift fitted with stereo speakers.

Benefits of Mobile LED Display Solution

·         High-resolution Screen Display, Long Distance View: This mobile LED Solution makes use of Outdoor Full Color Display to project quality images. Possessing high-level density and brightness , LED Screen gives clarity of vision even from a long distance.
·         Perfect for Outdoor Environments: The LED Display Solution is designed to fit outdoor environment and can easily resist Shocks, Water and Thunder Storms.
·         Control Console: This specialized product has been built with an LED display control console in drivers compartment of the truck.
·         Efficient Power Generation System: These mobile LED’s utilize super-silent generators, ensuring fuel-efficiency to 50% relative to normal generators.
·         Hydraulic Cylinder System:  These equipments utilizes imported Hydraulic Cylinders that hold a loading capacity of approx. 1500kg, while it maintains stable speed.

Mobile LED Display Solution: An Ideal Business Investment
‘A massive development has been witnessed in advertising domain from past 12 years, and such an investment move will add a colorful feather to the advertising wing. Extraordinary brightness, durability, robustness, minimal power consumption, high impact resistance is the reason Mobile LED Solution has  gained popularity within the region.’’ said, Syed Nizam Uddin, Business Unit Head, Prologix LLC, Abu Dhabi. ‘Due to its aesthetic look, flexible operation and convenient handling, many companies are using it for publicity of their products, services and business promotion’ .
The outdoor media advertising is an old concept, but Mobile LED Solution is an innovative technique to captivate audiences and drive huge ROI’s. This matured form of marketing is forecast to penetrate newer industries for Merchandising, New Releases, Product promotion and more. As per the surveys, the adoption of Mobile LED Solution for outdoor advertising  is expected to increase business revenues by 40% through live activity showcasing to moving audience.
Fore more details on the product, contact us or leave a message.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prologix Teams Up with Nxt ID

Prologix, a UAE based System Integration Company has entered into an agreement with the Netherlands based Time Attendance System manufacturer, NxtID.

NxtID is a multibiometric identification time attendance and access control terminal which powers the organization to keep a systematic record of employees, while increasing the number of detectable absentees, and monitor hours of sincere working over leisure time. The excellent algorithm allows access to accurate user information and fast authentication.

NxtID is a powerful web server management software that runs on low-level embedded applications, including high-level Windows based applications like C, Java, Visual Basic and Delphi. All that is required to monitor employees and their days off from work is built into the device. Face recognition, Fingerprint/ RFID and /or Password is the exclusive functionality this device supports, enabling it to recognize employees while averting any conflict of identity authentication in the system.

Vice President at NxtID, said, “NxtID is one of the most advanced employee time attendance device yet simple to integrate. It has an infrared optical system that enables user-identification even in the poorly lit environments. The device is designed ergonomically with an optical sensor and its LED status feature instantly indicates authentication success or failure. It is recommended to be used in combination with  TimeTrax software for better results.’’

“We are sure NxtID will help streamline employee time and attendance and provide great respite to both businesses and corporate in the region and outside. While it will provide an enormous opportunity for all human resource managers looking for a device like  NxtID for creating organized time-sheets and maintain detailed records of employee log-in and log-off times’’, he further added.

The device is available across the UAE, Africa and outside.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

OLIVE HRMS- A Comprehensive Workforce Management Software

This Human resource management Software helps you systematically manage your staff, drive them to be efficient while they focus on organization's competencies. Whether you intend to reduce manual workload, empower your managers and employees through self service options, or effectively manage human capital, Olive HRMS is a comprehensive Human Resource Management solution for your enterprise. 

  • Candidate Self Service 
  • Recruiting and Requisition Management 
  • Intelligent Workflow and Routing 
  • Alerts and Notifications 
  • Employee Portal and Self Service 
  • Manager Self-Service 
  • Training Administration 
  • Benefit Administration 
  • Attendance Management
  • Ad-hoc Reporting
Key Features:
  • Employee Database
  • Time Management Sheets
  • Reminders
  • Employee Training
  • Leave Management 
  • Ultimate Security
  • Allowance Management 
  • Email Reminders
  • Deduction Management
  • Audit Trial
  • Overtime Management
  • Accommodation
  • Bonus Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Training Management
  • MIS Reporting for top Management
  • Appraisal Management\Project manpower Costing
For more details on the the product and services- Click Here

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Insight into Prologix’s IT products Distribution Model

Being in commission for more than a decade, Prologix is a multivendor channel development company in Middle East. The company embarked on escalating its footprints through its mainstream business of broadline distribution of products such as Avaya, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, SonicWall, Avidtele, Trango and many more. The specialized IT, Telecom and Software solutions encompasses designing and development of IT infrastructure, Data Networking, Desktop and Server Virtualization, Cable Structuring, Wireless Solutions, Disaster Recovery, Voice and Telephony Solutions etc. 

Over the past few years, Prologix has capably helped global vendors leverage their network strength, skills sets and local expertise to generate revenue streams. Underpinned by their channel centric business ethos, company has evolved long-term win-win rapport with legions of channel partners and resellers across UAE and outside. The sole aim is to streamline business processes by understanding the dynamics of products distributed, than just focusing on ‘box shifting’ distribution model. 

“We’re prudent in selecting our vendors. Recognizing vendor’s distribution landscapes, business approach, marketing tactics, pre-sales and post-sales model are few parameters of consideration. An unambiguous understanding of the products besides deep insight into market facilitates us to pass on our knowledge to customers, which empowers them to shine through in their respective markets by delivering value proposition.’’ said Sarwan Singh, Managing Director at Prologix.

Prologix has modified its channel ecosystem to the shifting needs of customers. The company provides a distinctive base for opportunities within the channel arising out of collaborative business building. Aditya Sahaya, Director , Middle East said: “The Middle East market has been studied thoroughly and we’ve come up with definite answers. The unique channel strategy entails development and growth of all brands we represent. The idea is to bolster business portfolio through strong relationships with vendors and channels partners and not over-aggressiveness approach for customer acquisition.”

Monday, December 17, 2012

Prologix Integrating Digital Signage System for Hilton, Kuwait

Instances of remarkable service delivery are multitude in numbers. And affiliations with leading business names and entities in diverse industries made Prologix fly high; sharing wonderful journey of intelligent system integration. One such classic example is our rewarding association with Hilton, a renowned Hotel in Kuwait with its stems spanning globally. After getting a handle on the requirements of this massive group and their desire to deliver exclusivity to the guests and delegates visiting the hotel, we are implementing a Digital Signage solution for Hilton Kuwait. The idea of developing this is to help the hotel inform, engage and influence its guest visitors, delegates and audience through intelligent visual communications. With their objective to deliver real-time insight and information about various activities within the hotel, Prologix is provisioning and integrating interactive screens outside the meeting rooms, lift walls, poolside and more. The 15’’ rear-projection is a visual point for all social events which incorporates dynamic content encouraging real-time interactivity with the guests staying and visiting the hotel. In addition, this visual communication platform is used to update promotional content, entertain the viewer while influencing their behavior.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Developed Clean VPN Environment for Little More (Retail Market Chain), UAE

With a mission to simplify operations between corporate headquarters and branches, Prologix again justified it exclusivity through integration of VPN Solutions. To help a chain of multiple retail outlets in UAE, Little More and its Headquarter in Arenco Tower with connectivity troubles, we established a clean VPN environment using Dell SonicWall TZ 215, 205, and 105. The TZ series enabled us to pass on the most effective anti-malware, intrusion prevention, content filtering and application control capabilities. The SonicWall firewalls exhibits both IPSec VPN and SSL VPN for secure inter branch and client to site connectivity.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things To Consider When Hiring System Integrator For Your IT Organization

The competitive market scenario made many System Integration companies buckle up their shoes for a furious battlefield where constant innovation is the key of differentiation. No matter what the size of the company is, including major service providers everybody is fighting hard to create a regional and global market for their products and services.  While others conceive mergers as an intelligent business move to push their activities and operations a way better than competitors. How many of them, however, focus on improvising service deliveries that customers acknowledge and appreciate? 

There are multitudes of IT organizations specializing in System Integration. Designing, configuration, installation, integration, IT consultancy on setting up of IT structure and management are the chief areas of operation. Not to forget, it is the technical support that comes by default. To whosoever, a service is delivered; company has to provide exceptional service support to clients for maintaining that frequency of support excellence.

Price being the major reason of conflict, many companies choose to hire small or medium sized enterprises for system integration services. But the decision is tagged as bad when they face procrastination whenever technical support is required to resolve any significant issues affecting functionality and operations. Some of the major issues that clients face with such companies are:

  • Remote Support: Providing complete support to valuable clients should be the strength of the System Integration Company. Despite the geographical location of the client, company’s technical department should have the aptitude to resolve even trivial glitches. Remote Login, VNC, Logmein, Team Viewer in are few software allowing seamless remote support capability.       
  • Communication Gap: A breach in communication and inability to deliver the right message can downturn your ability to retain existing clients and acquire new. It’s always the customer service department that speaks with the client to understand the areas of problems. If the same issue is not communicated, it may possibility lead to communication gap to the engineers. This further will leave a bad impression on the client, if an engineer will less knowledge go to serve the client- ending up wasting his and own time. It further develops the need for multiple visits for small things.   
  • Lack of Domain Knowledge: There might be times when you've faced a situation when a technical support guy has been sent by the company who is oblivious to the issue communicated to customer-service. It simply irks the client when it entails him to explain the issue over and again and also the engineer is unable to educate the client.
  • Non-Technical Engineers: Engineers must have thorough knowledge of the solutions and issues that might pop up pertaining to that. There may be instances when engineers have been called up by the client to resolve bottleneck problems. And the engineers, unsuccessful in solving problem, might ask for some more time- not understanding the criticality of the issue and system. Frustration of client is evident; resulting in loss of client. Likewise, the coordinates must possess technical understanding to deliver the same message to technical support department as communicated by the client. 
  • Language Problems: People from various backgrounds and origin reside in Middle East. But when such language problems are faced by the client in communicating with a technical person of disparate origin, problem complexity accelerates. They are unable to explain the client the solution and visa-versa leading to unnecessary fury.

There is a high possibility of you facing identical technical support issue with your system integration companies. And if you wish to bypass any possibilities of unwanted stress pertaining to support, switch to a more reliable service provider and escalate to better IT environment. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cubix TimeTrax Management Software

Workforce Management Is Intimidating. Steer your Business and Employees in Right Direction and Improve Productivity and Revenues with TimeTrax Management Software. 

Call us for more details.

Now Send Fax Right From Your Desktops

Many have a preconceived notion that faxes are an obsolete technology; however, most of the businesses wobble without it. What they don’t apprehend is that fax is no more an exception in this changing era of technology advancement. The device has evolved so much in last few years that requires you to log-in to your emails to send and receive Faxes anywhere in the world.

Fax Apps- A revolutionary Fax Product

One such breakthrough product is Fax Apps. This network Fax appliance has been ingeniously designed to meet the requirements of small, mid to big-sized work-groups. This intelligent file transfer machine is equipped with necessary software and hardware for expedite sending and receiving of faxes from desktop or browser.

This turnkey solution connects directly to Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) fax lines and converts all faxes to TIFF files allowing the receiver to check faxes even on mails or desktop besides sending faxes for print using any application. The system can seamlessly render distributed faxing capabilities through wireless network to be access by corporate organization, small offices including sales people on fields. It facilities secure, convenient faxing for LAN users- providing higher degree of privacy to both receiver and the sender.

It is highly recommended for its ability to provide accessibility of software and web management interface.

What makes it a Corporate Product?

  • Monitoring Capability: It entails a module to track progress of inbound faxes on Faxapps server until it is transferred to the recipient. It keeps a log of all monitored events.
  • Fax Confidentiality: All faxes are stored in recipient’s personal mailbox until they wish to retrieve it. Automatic routing options are available including DTMF, DID or DNIC.  
  • Productivity: Refrain from time consuming process of printing, number dialing and waiting for the fax to complete. When using Faxapps, document is directly sent to the fax server with a single click of mouse, saving enormous time.   
  • Reduced Communication Costs: It encompasses least-cost routing (LCR). There is a comprehensive dialing system that wanes long-distance costs, dynamic capacity tuning, capacity sharing besides utilization of PSTN.
  • Broadcasts fax Documents: This feature allows sending fax to multiple people at a time- from the desktop.   
  • Fax Receiving: Incoming faxes can be redirected to user’s extension number file and email account.
  • Support: It supports more web browser for email faxing
  • Ports: It supports 1-4 ports per server

For more details, contact us.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Early and Late Comers Time Trax Lite Application Installed for Dubai First

Dubai First, a Leading Bank and Financial Institution, Dubai:

Association with a leading Banking and Financial Institution in the emirate of Dubai added another colorful feather to Prologix’s business wing. Focusing on the criticality of time in banks and need for systematic operations, we installed Time Attendance Devices for the client. Time Trax Lite Application was used to help the bank keep a constant check on early and late comers and take better replacement decisions. The time attendance application was deployed in Burjuman Business Center and Bur Dubai office branches.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Time Trax Gold, Time Attendance Application Deployed for Dorsch Gruppe

One of the famous business entities leveraged our resources and technical expertise to simplify Human Resource Management tasks. After comprehending their weak areas in terms management of staff, Prologix charted out a sophisticated Time Attendance plan for the group. Their requirement of getting time attendance from the access control readers and effectively managing different floors of a building was resolved by providing Access Card Authorization.

Our adept engineers installed the access control system on their multiple floors using HID Readers as well as TDSI controllers.  Time Trax Gold was installed so they could easily monitor the timings when the access doors were used by the employees. Logging in and Logging Out time could be conveniently tracked, enabling company to better employee decisions.