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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Prologix Embeds Aruba Solution for Sharjah Media Corporation

Chairman of Sharjah Media Corporation: His Excellency Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qassimi

After competing strongly with two major IT System Integration companies in UAE, Prologix successfully bagged the Sharjah Media Corporation project lately. It was tough to triumph over the two industry giants; nevertheless, we did it wonderfully leveraging our excellent vendor and technical support.

Recommended Solution: Aruba
The whole solution is a Controller based Aruba Solution wherein Prologix will provide Aruba’s three different point-to-point links to SMC (Sharjah Media Corporation).

What problem was diagnosed? And why Aruba Solution was suggested ?

Media demands mobility. And recognizing the need of SMC’s, Prologix suggested an Aruba Solution based on their requirement to switch to a wireless network in lieu of wired connectivity. 

To maintain absolute network security, SMC shared their choice of different access points for both guests and admin. Prologix advised the installation of Aruba Solution; capable of providing two SSID’s from the same Access Point (AP).

SMC desired an AP that looks like a smoke detector and only Aruba is the perfect packaged solution.

What did Prologix analyze before suggesting Aruba?

SMC has a typical Studio Environment where the walls of the News Rooms and Studios are really thick and sound proof. This means, the Access Point has to be strong enough in terms of coverage and connectivity - transmitting information seamlessly without interruptions. Aruba Solution was recommended to bypass all possibilities of information loss and interruptions as the client cannot afford to lose bandwidth due to heavy network traffic.

How Aruba Solution will benefit Sharjah Media Corporation?

It is the employee mobility that made Prologix suggest Aruba solution for the Sharjah Media Corporation. The wireless connectivity all over the SMC became imperative so that News Readers, Anchors and Radio Jockey's could freely move within the organization while the program is being aired live. In addition, the staff all over SMC could conveniently carry their iPads and Tablets for demonstrations and other activities- without restricting themselves to their desks and computer systems.

Products Used:
The Aruba AP 92, Aruba 3400 Controller, Aruba MST2HP Point to Point Links, HP POE+ Switches are few products that will be used during integration of Aruba Solution in SMC.

Project Deadline:
The project is forecast to complete before 20th January , 2013 including the delivery of the material which will take nearly 3-4 weeks.

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