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Monday, December 17, 2012

Prologix Integrating Digital Signage System for Hilton, Kuwait

Instances of remarkable service delivery are multitude in numbers. And affiliations with leading business names and entities in diverse industries made Prologix fly high; sharing wonderful journey of intelligent system integration. One such classic example is our rewarding association with Hilton, a renowned Hotel in Kuwait with its stems spanning globally. After getting a handle on the requirements of this massive group and their desire to deliver exclusivity to the guests and delegates visiting the hotel, we are implementing a Digital Signage solution for Hilton Kuwait. The idea of developing this is to help the hotel inform, engage and influence its guest visitors, delegates and audience through intelligent visual communications. With their objective to deliver real-time insight and information about various activities within the hotel, Prologix is provisioning and integrating interactive screens outside the meeting rooms, lift walls, poolside and more. The 15’’ rear-projection is a visual point for all social events which incorporates dynamic content encouraging real-time interactivity with the guests staying and visiting the hotel. In addition, this visual communication platform is used to update promotional content, entertain the viewer while influencing their behavior.

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