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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Prologix Introduced IOGEAR Wireless Computer to HDTV kit

The demand for pioneering products has witnessed a dramatic upsurge in the past few years. This made innovators work graveyard to invent new products to keep pace with the changing demands and satisfy technology hogs looking for something new every time.

Earlier in this domain, Prologix has shared a multitude of groundbreaking products designed to simplify end-users lifestyle and day-to-day activities. One such unique product that Prologix introduced from IOGEAR is the Wireless computer to HDTV kit. The product doesn't have a name, surprisingly and it speaks for itself. It seamlessly delivers High Definition content from laptops or computers wirelessly to Televisions up to 30 feet height. There is no need for cluttered wires.

How to use it?
This kit constitutes of two main parts- receiver and transmitter. After the installation of the software, that comes in a CD, it entails you to fit the USB transmitter to your computer. Contrarily, the receiver goes into VGA port or TV’s HDMI. The kit then operates to replicate and transfer all the data on your laptop or computer to your flat screen.  You can now surf, listen music, watch movies, and see photographs wirelessly on a bigger screen as and when you want it.

Say No to Wires
This IOGear Kit is a complete solution if you wish to get rid of lots of niggly wires. It works perfectly by wirelessly pushing all content from laptop to TV screens. The HDMI connectivity allows quick plugging of the receiver into monitors and projectors.

Wireless Computer to HDTV kit utilizes advanced ultra-wideband (UWB) Wireless USB technology ensuring high multimedia streaming stability and resists any kind of interferences.

For more information on the product, get back to us on 043407840 or call mobile: 0559022305.

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