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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prologix Teams Up with Nxt ID

Prologix, a UAE based System Integration Company has entered into an agreement with the Netherlands based Time Attendance System manufacturer, NxtID.

NxtID is a multibiometric identification time attendance and access control terminal which powers the organization to keep a systematic record of employees, while increasing the number of detectable absentees, and monitor hours of sincere working over leisure time. The excellent algorithm allows access to accurate user information and fast authentication.

NxtID is a powerful web server management software that runs on low-level embedded applications, including high-level Windows based applications like C, Java, Visual Basic and Delphi. All that is required to monitor employees and their days off from work is built into the device. Face recognition, Fingerprint/ RFID and /or Password is the exclusive functionality this device supports, enabling it to recognize employees while averting any conflict of identity authentication in the system.

Vice President at NxtID, said, “NxtID is one of the most advanced employee time attendance device yet simple to integrate. It has an infrared optical system that enables user-identification even in the poorly lit environments. The device is designed ergonomically with an optical sensor and its LED status feature instantly indicates authentication success or failure. It is recommended to be used in combination with  TimeTrax software for better results.’’

“We are sure NxtID will help streamline employee time and attendance and provide great respite to both businesses and corporate in the region and outside. While it will provide an enormous opportunity for all human resource managers looking for a device like  NxtID for creating organized time-sheets and maintain detailed records of employee log-in and log-off times’’, he further added.

The device is available across the UAE, Africa and outside.

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