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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things To Consider When Hiring System Integrator For Your IT Organization

The competitive market scenario made many System Integration companies buckle up their shoes for a furious battlefield where constant innovation is the key of differentiation. No matter what the size of the company is, including major service providers everybody is fighting hard to create a regional and global market for their products and services.  While others conceive mergers as an intelligent business move to push their activities and operations a way better than competitors. How many of them, however, focus on improvising service deliveries that customers acknowledge and appreciate? 

There are multitudes of IT organizations specializing in System Integration. Designing, configuration, installation, integration, IT consultancy on setting up of IT structure and management are the chief areas of operation. Not to forget, it is the technical support that comes by default. To whosoever, a service is delivered; company has to provide exceptional service support to clients for maintaining that frequency of support excellence.

Price being the major reason of conflict, many companies choose to hire small or medium sized enterprises for system integration services. But the decision is tagged as bad when they face procrastination whenever technical support is required to resolve any significant issues affecting functionality and operations. Some of the major issues that clients face with such companies are:

  • Remote Support: Providing complete support to valuable clients should be the strength of the System Integration Company. Despite the geographical location of the client, company’s technical department should have the aptitude to resolve even trivial glitches. Remote Login, VNC, Logmein, Team Viewer in are few software allowing seamless remote support capability.       
  • Communication Gap: A breach in communication and inability to deliver the right message can downturn your ability to retain existing clients and acquire new. It’s always the customer service department that speaks with the client to understand the areas of problems. If the same issue is not communicated, it may possibility lead to communication gap to the engineers. This further will leave a bad impression on the client, if an engineer will less knowledge go to serve the client- ending up wasting his and own time. It further develops the need for multiple visits for small things.   
  • Lack of Domain Knowledge: There might be times when you've faced a situation when a technical support guy has been sent by the company who is oblivious to the issue communicated to customer-service. It simply irks the client when it entails him to explain the issue over and again and also the engineer is unable to educate the client.
  • Non-Technical Engineers: Engineers must have thorough knowledge of the solutions and issues that might pop up pertaining to that. There may be instances when engineers have been called up by the client to resolve bottleneck problems. And the engineers, unsuccessful in solving problem, might ask for some more time- not understanding the criticality of the issue and system. Frustration of client is evident; resulting in loss of client. Likewise, the coordinates must possess technical understanding to deliver the same message to technical support department as communicated by the client. 
  • Language Problems: People from various backgrounds and origin reside in Middle East. But when such language problems are faced by the client in communicating with a technical person of disparate origin, problem complexity accelerates. They are unable to explain the client the solution and visa-versa leading to unnecessary fury.

There is a high possibility of you facing identical technical support issue with your system integration companies. And if you wish to bypass any possibilities of unwanted stress pertaining to support, switch to a more reliable service provider and escalate to better IT environment. 

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