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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Narilam Virus Onslaughts on Corporate Databases, Beware Middle East

Though Narilam, affecting the databases of multiple companies including KSA’s Saudi Aramco and Qatar’s RasGas in GCC region, was discovered during the year 2009- the impacts of its fresh attacks leave Middle East in quandary. Virus detectors have recently pulled out evidences showcasing its swift increase targeting various accounting related databases of corporate in Middle East.

In the most recent reports, this precarious worm had contaminated Microsoft SQL systems by altering and eliminating all the sensitive data entailing tables of the victimized. Virus Detectors confirms its non-connectivity with other disparaging malwares inflicting Middle East like Flame, Stuxnet, Duqu, and Gauss. Its origin is deemed to be smaller.

This destructiveworm not only steals the data from the targeted computer systems. It is accordingly coded to fiddle with or sabotage corporate databases. Till this time, Narilam has targeted databases particularly in Iran that is utilized for accounting and Customer Management purposes. Computers Systems that are operating on Windows Vista, XP, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 have been adversely infected. However, it has also been detected that Narilam has likely attacked small and medium business houses for sabotaging critical data of competitors.

Instance of Narilam attacks are manifold and USA and UK are no more an exception in the last few months.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Know How Time Attendance Management Software can help Boost Employee Efficiency

The moment clock strikes 7 in the morning, people usually find them in hurry and rushing to leave for office – to punch the biometric or a card to justify their timely reach. But what about the employees who find it difficult to reach the office on time and undergo troubles of salary or leave cut for just fewer seconds? However, if we see from company’s perspective, they’re in an advantageous position as they can keep a constant track on early and late comers.

With advancements in technology and software, many new applications have been brought to the forefront and the most conventional one being the Time and Attendance Software. Be it a big, medium or small-sized organization, every of them considers owning a Time Attendance Management Application to be organized and systematic.

Benefits of Deploying Time Attendance Management Software for Businesses

The web-based Time and attendance tracking software let businesses:

  • Alleviate total amount of time required to develop Time Sheets besides Attendance Records for employees Payrolls.
  • Help companies save time and money which they’d been spending on creating manual time-sheets.  
  • Reducing labor costs by curtailing errors, better workforce and ensuring strategic decision making.
  • Accessing real-time employees’ productivity levels and efficiency.

Besides this, the most significant factor for which this software is in high-demand is its robustness and ability to seamlessly integrate into multiple environments. Delivering superior functionality for effective time management, the software also facilitates enforcing fair pay policies in case of overtimes.

Strategic Payment Modules for Employees Doing Overtime

This is one of the most vulnerable areas where companies loose game and end up paying unnecessarily, if they don’t have a dynamic record of employees working beyond office hours. There is a policy and a practice that each company follows – and pay employees according to the contribution made in company’s growth.

But what if enterprises don’t have a record system and employee says they have worked for ‘X’ number of hours? Who do you think can justify the employee’s statement? Certainly, this Time Management Software.

In case of sales and marketing professionals who work mostly on fields, it is intimidating to track their flexible working and do the billing. Considering this, employees can take undue advantage of the gap and bend the rules in their own personal interest. This further affects the company on monetary part.  

So the idea is to integrate the time and attendance software to boost the efficiency of employees, accurately tracking their working hours and lowering unwanted costs.

Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Chief Reasons Why Companies Prefer Deploying Microsoft Applications using vSphere and VMware Essentials over EMC VNXe

When it comes to software, what is the first name that strikes your mind? Certainly, Microsoft, the software giant. This powerful horse riding a soft-ware road has been serving Corporate to small size organizations since years and will continue to do so for many more years with newer product breakthrough and smartest applications - keeping in view criticality of core IT and Networking Areas.

Check below some of the principle factors supporting deployment of Microsoft Applications with vSphere and VMware.

Uncomplicated & Simple – You can move from power-on to provision-ready in less than 15 minutes. Provisioning a one terabyte VMware data in just 10 minutes is effortless besides 500 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in not more than 10 minutes.

     Economical: Available at great prices, EMC is designed particularly for high availability. The EMC VNXe configurations begin at lesser than $10K and also entail operating environment, management software and replication.

Efficiency:  Through File Deduplication as well as Compression you can alleviate up-front storage expenses by 50%.

     Automation: With the use of one-click technical support features and automated diagnosis tool, you can seamlessly search for answers.
     Consolidation: Enterprises can save operational costs by having company resources wield storage and applications. 3U and 2U sizes are apt for branch offices, small businesses and under the desk.
      Optimization of Capacity: Organizations can avert upfront over-positioning’ and further move towards on-demand management of capacity with Thin Provisioning.    

      Flexibility: It is easy to run NAS and SAN together in a single box. Stretch storage volumes and hot swap components non-disruptively.

     Virtual: Storing plugs into the VMware vCenter management console directly render simple management unlike before. 
      Associated Ecosystem: Connecting to online EMC Community Network Site through EMC Unisphere directly allows customers to share experience, receive awards, gain recognition for the efforts and learn from one another. 
     Snapshots: It is simple to reduce backup windows from hours to minutes using space-efficient snapshots, application consistent and EMC Replication Manager. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Human Resource Management Goes Digital

Times have changed and so does the way Human Resource Department of any organization is    managed and monitored. Perhaps it may sound easy for a company that has just laid its first footsteps in the industry with a short count of employees on the board. But for the enterprises or corporate organizations having Human Resources in wild numbers; it is intimidating to keep a track of the activities and check productivity levels on a frequent basis. And this requires strategic approach towards management of the prized assets of an enterprise.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is all about tacking with the issues pertaining to the hiring, compensation, performance tracking, employee benefits, communication, organization development and overall administration. Briefly, human brains cannot keep an individual account of minutest of details related to every individual employee. And when it comes to tracking every single move of an employee, their dedication towards their job, time spent and wasted, hours of sincere working, absenteeism etc., software assist you in relentless monitoring.

Though it may come as a surprise to few; however, a single Time Management software installation can do wonders for any organization. From being ‘P’ (Print) everything has turned E” (Internet). Same goes with the management of Human Resource.  

Many leading conglomerates and business giants handling a list of business and hundreds and thousands of employees usually prefer deployment of software that works much faster than a Human Brain and records everything that is enough to show Employees Productive Levels.

Integration of a Human Resource & Time Management Software can create reports like:

  • ·         Absent Report
  • ·         Daily Attendance Report
  • ·         Early Out Report
  • ·         Late Employees Report
  • ·         Event Report
  • ·         Attendance Summary
  • ·         Payroll Management
  • ·         Location Wise report
  • ·         Leave Register
  • ·         Supervisor wise Report
  • ·         Overtime report

Besides tracking reports, companies can develop User Group management, daily, Weekly and Monthly Work Schedules, Attendance by Shift Group, Employees Complete Details including Designation and Photograph, Net OT Calculations, Shift Pattern and more.

Be a part of the revolution and wield your Human Resource like never before. Check how productive or non-productive your employees are. And reward them accordingly. For more details on the product, Contact Us  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Is Anti-Virus Enough to Protect your IT Infrastructure?

Security is a broad term and may pertain to securing your hard-earned money from burglars and thieves monitoring your day-to-day activities; to find a suitable time for intrusion. To avert threats you either use bank lockers or locks for absolute metal satisfaction that your money is safe and protected. Similar concept applies with technology gadgets and devices that may face unwanted incursion of Malwares and Viruses from anonymous sources.

"But how many of you think that installation of Anti-Virus in your laptops or computer systems is the end of task? Do you think it can relieve you from stress of losing important data?"

Most of us believe that Anti-viruses are all about thwarting Virus-Related Damages, maintaining full-proof security of the computer systems, safeguarding emails against all kinds of threats and unwanted spam besides protecting important data including saved files and documents from malicious virus infections, spyware and identity thefts.

But the story doesn't end here!

In contrast to what people and technology users believe, Anti-virus is not the last solution to unwanted intrusions and system damage. With many technology experts researching on developing and exploring breakthrough solutions, there have been discovered a unique, eccentric software product that can help batter all possibilities of system damage due to Viruses and Threats or Impostors.


Prologix, a leading system integrator and software products distributor in UAE recommends the use of Dell SonicWall that lets you impede threats just at the gateway. This Sonic Wall firewall has an ability to scan all kinds of outbound and inbound traffic for hindering intrusions, spyware, superfluous viruses apart from malicious traffic. It is distinctive in its functionality of scanning all flows, over all protocols and interfaces except file size limitations- for low latency and super network performance.

For smart optimization of IT infrastructure and more details on the product and services, CLICK HERE

Autonomy’s Fraudulent Attacks Left HP in Shambles

Every one of us is aware of the sentiments with which Hewlett Packard is perceived when it comes to Technology Breakthroughs and software discoveries. And recognized as one of the leading technology inventors in this mammoth-sized IT industry, this leader got suppressed under its own weight of complacence. The story of HP’s being the victim of a scam by a British company that it bought last year who lied about the finances.  
Acquisition of Autonomy’s, a company engaged in the development of search engines to facilitate imperative information saved across various computer networks proved as debacle. The futile attempt to acquire the company was to reinforce its presence  and high-quality product and services assortment particularly for government bodies and corporations.  The deal was signed  Leo Apotheker, predecessor of Whiteman and was closed during three weeks of chief executive’s, Whiteman tenure.
 Under his allegations against Autonomy, Meg Whiteman stated that the company’s executive willfully beefed up company’s figures using accounting tricks which made HP go slippery over the deal – making them pay $9.7 billion in October, 2011. According  to the accounting experts charges are serious; while Autonomy’s former CEO said that all allegations posed are illegal and false.
To break-even the loss, HP is claiming a $8.8 billion charge for aligning Autonomy’s purchase price which HP says is actual value.  Charges of more than $5 billion are made through gimmicks and showing false accounts.
Whiteman also added to his statements that Autonomy’s trick box included representing computers sales booking as software revenue while declaring cost of machine making as Marketing expenses.  Revenues for future contracts had up front booking rather than overtime.
Sources say that Autonomy has gained more profits than it had gathered and seems like increasing its fraudulent software business at a jet-propelled speed. In contrast, HP has got a set back with a loss of $6.85 billion for the fiscal fourth quarter.
Seems the cat-fight has paved a way for Bull-fight with a large amount of loss bear by HP due to deceitful practices.  
 Stay Tuned for more!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Network virtualization helps make branch offices more efficient

Network virtualization helps make branch offices more efficient

The levels of efficiency at branch offices are crucial to the success of many businesses. I know I’d consider switching my bank if I had a bad experience at my local branch. I’d also shop at another grocery chain if my local branches repeatedly failed to quickly stock popular items.

Branch office employees are the ones who most often interact with your customers. It’s therefore crucial that they're able to access the same applications, and have the same high-performance IT experience, as your colleagues expect at headquarters.

The number of branch offices is growing. IDC survey research, for example, shows that in 2009, 39 per cent of businesses with more than 10,000 employees increased their number of branch office sites.

Branch office challenges and opportunities

But managing branch offices has become more complex. Branch employees are likely to be using real-time communications platforms, such as unified communications and collaboration (UC&C), to help improve productivity. These technologies help disparate employees work together more effectively, but they require the support of a modern network infrastructure. However, your IT budget probably doesn’t stretch to having a dedicated IT support team member at every branch location.

That’s why branch offices are beginning to adopt similar practices as data centers to improve efficiencies. These include:

Standardizing IT infrastructure to achieve economies of scale
Reducing cost via consolidation
Implementing more controlled and automated management

One important approach to cutting cost and complexity involves reducing the number of physical hardware devices deployed and managed at each location. This can be accomplished by bundling as many functions and services as possible into the smallest number of hardware platforms. The benefits are increased efficiency and manageability with an integrated services approach.

Virtualization key to branch office efficiency

Virtualization is being recognized as a key enabler for the data center as it gives businesses the flexibility to scale without the costly need to buy more hardware—and to expand data centers to house them. Similarly, virtualization benefits branch offices because a simple network device, such as a router, switch, or network appliance can be used to host network services and manage traditional server workloads.

According to IDC¹, "Branch offices can significantly reduce capital and operating costs by integrating functions such as WAN routing, switching, voice, wireless, and security into a single platform."

Consider the benefits virtualization can bring to your branch office:

Reduced number of physical network devices
Network devices used to manage multiple different tasks
Consolidation of network services, such as security, UC&C, custom applications, WAN acceleration and optimization

Together we can help you manage branch office more effectively

We understand your challenges of delivering effective networking to branch offices. Our solution that addresses this is HP FlexBranch  which consolidates the number of hardware in branches. The benefit is simpler management and enhanced user productivity.

HP FlexBranch is support by HP AllianceOne partners bringing more applications and network services to the branch. Along with our value-added resellers, you can create solutions that are customized for the needs of your branches. And the good news for you is that all these solutions can be centrally managed saving you (and your branch colleagues) the hassle of managing branch IT separately.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Prologix launches next-gen cable certifier from JDSU

Prologix launches next-gen cable certifier from JDSU

Prologix in collaboration with JDSU has launched Certifier40G: Next-Generation Cable Certifier.  The Certifier 40G is developed for improving the installer productivity. It eliminates all the unnecessary walking required between the remote and local units. The investment is protected with an advanced tester. The product increases the productivity of experienced installers with its touch screen and spontaneous interface.
The new Certifier 40G by JDSU provides maximum value on account of its flexibility and cost-effective design. Some of its important features include the touch screen present at both the test ends, Fiber and Copper certification, future proof frequency, fast CAT-6A/Class-FA test, accuracy of level-IV, integrated planning software, and optional integrated fiber end face inspection. The features associated with the product expel any additions to the licencing costs needed while upgrading to latest technologies.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Microsoft Dynamic CRM Training

Prologix Providing Microsoft Dynamic CRM Training

Chairman Message

 I would like to welcome our clients and partners to Prologix LLC first newsletter of 2012. Special welcome to all our new clients.

This newsletter contains useful information on a wide range of topics, all centered on IT Networking and Software Solutions. My hope is that you will find some material that will help you better analyzing what you require for your current IT setup and gain better insight on the direction of these ever growing Solutions that we offer our Clients in all vertical.

Entering our Tenth year in UAE. We have various new products that we have introduced for our clients, which very soon you shall receive quarterly updates on the newsletter. I thank all my Business Partner, Sonicwall, Avaya, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Juniper, Symantec and many more Principals in the world who spends amount of investment and innovation in making their product and offering different industries, the solutions which could help with the daily operations. The depth of new business functionality and technological advancements that has been added to these products is impressive.

Like many of you, Prologix LLC keeps investing in IT Solutions in its own office environment, we analysis the technicalities from our base and then it is offered to our clients with no gaps.
Finally, I would like to personally thank all of the clients and the employees of Prologix LLC for making 2011 and 2012 one of the most successful years. Thanks to the confidence that our clients have in Prologix LLC and the tremendous efforts of our staff; We have been awarded as the best system integrator for the year 2011 by VAR Excellence

Sarwan Singh

Prologix installed UPS System for complete Universal Hospital Abu Dhabi:

Prologix installed UPS System for complete Universal Hospital Abu Dhabi:

Instances of Credibility have been multiplying making Prologix work even harder and deliver world-class Technology Solutions to diverse industries.  The company overtly proves it with a project deal signed with Universal Hospital at Airport Road, Abu Dhabi. After deliberations about the exclusive medical facilities and services, Prologix drafted a solution plan and is currently working to provide UPS System for Complete Universal Hospital with Redundancy. The APC (MGE Galaxy 7000 500 KVA) UPS has been hand-picked by Prologix technology professionals considering the requirements of the Hospital and structure. The chosen UPS System will help bolster situations of medical emergencies in Operations Theatres and other important areas.     

Double Tree by Hilton, Al Barsha Hotel & Residence

Prologix Implementing the Data networking, IP telephony digital signage 

Prologix has never been listed on the charts of swelled-headed solution providers due to its diligence and customer-centric approach. And such assiduousness didn’t go unnoticed; making the company sign another big project with Double Tree by Hilton, Al Barsha Hotel & Residence- a part of Hilton Group that is scheduled for its grand opening by the end of year 2012. Comprehending the business needs, facilities, access and services, Prologix has created a custom IT infrastructure design and is working indefatigably towards implementation of Data Networking Systems, IP telephony Solutions, Digital Signage and HSIA – to help it render silky and sophisticated hotel services to future guests.

Bab Al Bahr

Bab Al Bahr 
Besides global reach and acclamation of it’s finest IT, Software and Telecom solutions, Prologix never felt complacent. Its ideology of growing steadily through deployment of best-of-breed products never comes to halt. Conspicuously projecting its expertise, Prologix recently joined hands with Bab Al Bahr – a luxury five star hotel in Ajman for world-class IT Hotelity Solutions. Bringing its exclusive Hotelity solutions to the limelight, Prologix is assisting the Hotel through implementation of structured Cabling and Data Networking System. The most significant being the integration of latest IP Telephony Systems; enabling them improvise their guest experience and make them feel privileged- encouraging future visits.


Prologix achieved Implementation of complete ICT solutions for R-Services

The list of accomplishments includes astonishing examples of Prologix’s achievements. One of the majors being an implementation of complete ICT solutions for R-Services – a company with a successful historical record of accommodating and hosting startups as well as leading enterprises.  Started on a smaller scale accommodating 47 offices, R- services lengthened its operations to Crystal Tower in 2011 and now profitably render office space at Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi; accommodating around 350 offices over 20 floors. Partnering with this stupendously growing group and leveraging its concrete IT, Telecom and Software solutions, Prologix has supported this mammoth-sized organization streamline its business more effectively and grow at a jet-propelled speed.

Prologix won Ajman academy ICT infrastructure Project

Prologix won Ajman academy ICT infrastructure Project

Leaving no stone unturned, Prologix has always been a dynamic entity when it comes to rendering technology solutions in eccentric ways. One such instance is a successful implementation of comprehensive ICT infrastructure (Data & Wireless Networking, IP Telephony, Firewall, UPS) for Ajman International Academy, the first ever truly International School in emirate, Ajman. Prologix brought home the bacon by wonderfully reinforcing the Academy in its endeavors to cultivate newer technologies and pass on the same to students. The company helped Ajman International Academy to engage in ICT integrated lessons; encouraging students for complete participation in class room-room activities through friendly, secure, safe and supportive environments.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Specializing in Value

Prologix Distribution maintains two lines of business, one focuses on value or solution driven business and the other on volume business.

At Gitex Technology Week 2012, Prologix is displaying a vendor portfolio that includes JDSU optical equipment. bathwidth backhaul solutions from Tranco Systems, security and surveillance equipment from Arlotto.

According to Aditya Sahaya, Director, Business Development at Prologix Distribution, the company offers a very specialised portfolio of solution and services that includes optical test equipment, indoor and outdoor wireless solutions, UPS, security surveillance equipment such as megapixel IP cameras in addition to test and measurement services.
With over 3000 resellers across the region, Sahaya says that Prologix is very careful about its choice of partners because of the expert solutions that the company brings to market. “We cannot just deal with any box moving reseller but need the kind of partners who have necessary experience in dealing with the products and solutions we offer. This is why we invest in training out partners and keeping them constantly updated on our portfolio.” he said.

Sahaya believes that GITEX offers a valuable platforms for distributors such as Prologix to touch base with existing partners while actively meeting new prospects. “This has been the best GITEX yet, with a concrete set of visitors who are qualified to do business. We have especially seen and met a lot of leads from KSA, West Africa and Nigeria in particular in addition to Pakistan and the CIS countries,” Sahaya concluded.