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Monday, November 26, 2012

10 Chief Reasons Why Companies Prefer Deploying Microsoft Applications using vSphere and VMware Essentials over EMC VNXe

When it comes to software, what is the first name that strikes your mind? Certainly, Microsoft, the software giant. This powerful horse riding a soft-ware road has been serving Corporate to small size organizations since years and will continue to do so for many more years with newer product breakthrough and smartest applications - keeping in view criticality of core IT and Networking Areas.

Check below some of the principle factors supporting deployment of Microsoft Applications with vSphere and VMware.

Uncomplicated & Simple – You can move from power-on to provision-ready in less than 15 minutes. Provisioning a one terabyte VMware data in just 10 minutes is effortless besides 500 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in not more than 10 minutes.

     Economical: Available at great prices, EMC is designed particularly for high availability. The EMC VNXe configurations begin at lesser than $10K and also entail operating environment, management software and replication.

Efficiency:  Through File Deduplication as well as Compression you can alleviate up-front storage expenses by 50%.

     Automation: With the use of one-click technical support features and automated diagnosis tool, you can seamlessly search for answers.
     Consolidation: Enterprises can save operational costs by having company resources wield storage and applications. 3U and 2U sizes are apt for branch offices, small businesses and under the desk.
      Optimization of Capacity: Organizations can avert upfront over-positioning’ and further move towards on-demand management of capacity with Thin Provisioning.    

      Flexibility: It is easy to run NAS and SAN together in a single box. Stretch storage volumes and hot swap components non-disruptively.

     Virtual: Storing plugs into the VMware vCenter management console directly render simple management unlike before. 
      Associated Ecosystem: Connecting to online EMC Community Network Site through EMC Unisphere directly allows customers to share experience, receive awards, gain recognition for the efforts and learn from one another. 
     Snapshots: It is simple to reduce backup windows from hours to minutes using space-efficient snapshots, application consistent and EMC Replication Manager. 

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